Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 POE, with multiplatform phone firmware





Cisco IP Conference CP-7832-3PCC-K9

New Cisco 7832 for 3rd Party Call Control SIP Platforms – Conference Station with Speaker Base Unit and Keypad with Warranty. The Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 enhances people-centric collaboration by delivering easy-to-use audio conferencing. It combines superior high-definition (HD) audio performance and 360-degree microphone coverage in a very sleek, approachable, and compact form, making it ideal for both small conference and huddle rooms and private offices, such as for managers and executives.

The CP-7832-3PCC-K9 is designed with a unique acoustic architecture that enables it to capture both the deeper lows and the higher frequencies of the human voice, resulting in a true audiophile sound experience. The phone also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, assuring delivery of clear communications without distractions.


Some Specifications for CP-7832-3PCC-K9:

  • 4-inch (8.6-cm), 384×128-pixel monochrome LCD behind backlit LED and antiglare bezel.

Large mute button for easy access from all sides of the device.

  • Single descent gone a fanatic experience of merged calls per heritage, as not in the distance off from appendage 7800 Series phones.
  • Codec maintenance including G.711(u/A), G.729a, G.729ab, iLBC, G.722, and OPUS.
  • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)-256 enabled for militant security features.
  • IEEE 802.3af Power to the lead again Ethernet (PoE) Class 2 for low facility consumption. An optional outside universal AC facility supply kit is closely. The product is attributed by the Energy Star dealing out.

Other Specifications for CP-7832-3PCC-K9 :

  • Superior wideband acoustics
  • Graphical 3.5-inch backlit display (396 x 162 pixels).
  • Four soft keys for screen-based applications
  • Protocol support: (SIP)


Other specifications for this Ip Conference Phones


From along just as possibilities considered by Cisco Company for CP-7832-3PCC-K9 hint can be made to its adhering to of far off design. Additionally, a one year ensure is given by Cisco after conveyance of the item, including particular things, for example, equipment issues. The item can be purchased from our organization, a quickly acted brand as far as IP-Phone deals in Dubai.



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